Advanced styling: Adding custom CSS to your email newsletter inside WordPress


By Lesley Sim

updated over 1 year ago

Start by going to Newsletter Glue / Settings / Custom CSS 

00:12 - Custom CSS only shows up in your email, not your blog posts 

00:48 - Creating our post inside the WordPress editor to see what CSS elements show up and what doesn't 

01:05 - Selecting text colour for post vs selecting text colour for newsletter

01:49 - Selecting background colour for post

02:01 - Adding a reusable block template

02:13 - Checking class names and matching it to custom CSS settings inside Newsletter Glue

02:40 - Sending test email to see how it looks

02:55 - Check out Campaign Monitor's CSS guide for emails

03:40 - Looking at our email to see which CSS styles show up, and which didn't.

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