Show/hide content on your blog post or email


By Lesley Sim

updated about 1 year ago

The show/hide content block is a custom block by Newsletter Glue. 

Content inside this block can be hidden from your blog or newsletter.

00:08 Add a show/hide content block 

00:14 Show in blog but hide from email newsletter 

00:34 Toggle off "Show in email newsletter" 

00:44 Show in email, but hide from blog post 

01:13 Toggle off "Show in blog post" 

01:17 Send as newsletter (using Newsletter Glue) 

01:29 Publish or update post to send 

01:32 Check blog post (note hidden blue image not showing up) 

01:41 Check email newsletter (note hidden bear image not showing up)

For advanced ways to use the show/hide content block, head here to use this block in a newsletter template.

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