Create a newsletter template (with Gutenberg editor's reusable blocks)


By Lesley Sim

updated about 1 year ago

Newsletter Glue lets you take advantage of many in-built features of the Gutenberg block editor.

In this document, you'll learn how to use the powerful Reusable blocks feature to create a newsletter template.

Here are the basics

Using reusable blocks to create a newsletter template saves you time because you won't have to build each one from scratch. It also ensures each newsletter you publish maintains a consistent style.

00:14 Turn content into a reusable block 

00:20 Name your newsletter template 

00:40 Add your newsletter template to a new post 

00:52 Convert the template into a regular block so it can be used

Edit and delete newsletter template

This video shows you how to edit and delete content in reusable blocks. More importantly, it explains:

  1. The difference between editing the template itself and converting a template to a regular block so that you can write your newsletter. This is important so that you don't accidentally write your newsletter inside the template.
  2. The difference between Remove from Reusable blocks and Remove Block. This is important so that you don't accidentally permanently delete your template when you only intended to remove the bock from one blog post.

00:23 Add a newsletter template to the blog post 

00:29 Convert to regular block before writing your newsletter 

01:00 Make changes to the actual template 

01:25 Here's the template again, now with the new changes made 

01:46 Remove newsletter templates 

02:00 "Remove from Reusable blocks" vs "Remove Block" 

02:23 What happens when you click "Remove Block" 

02:30 What happens when you click "Remove from Reusable Blocks

Create an advanced newsletter template

Use the show/hide content block to create a more advanced newsletter template.

For example: Add an opt-in form that shows up on your blog post, but not in your email.

If you're not familiar with show/hide content blocks go here first to learn more.

00:07 Add basic newsletter template to blog post 

00:14 Add show/hide content block 

00:20 Add html block 00:25 Paste code for Mailchimp opt-in form 

00:30 Hide opt-in form from email newsletter 

00:40 Hide footer from blog (show in email) 

01:06 Select all and add to reusable block 

01:42 Send test email and publish post to make sure blocks are working correctly 

02:06 Check out email with footer, but no opt-in form 

02:18 Check out blog post with opt-in form, but no footer

A quick note about block patterns

We're planning to build a feature to create and save block patterns for your newsletters. This is on the horizon and we hope to work on it in the first half of 2021.

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