Use the subscriber form block to add a form to your newsletter.

00:00 Type "/sub" in the Gutenberg block editor to start. "/ng" or "/newsletter" will work too.

00:08 All text is editable inside the post editor itself.

00:10 Choose portrait or landscape orientation for your form.

00:14 Change button and field radius

00:19 Change padding between form fields

00:23 Add form header, description and name field

01:08 Everything is editable inside the post editor itself.

01:16 Add text beneath button.

01:29 Add checkbox.

01:46 Edit success message.

02:02 Choose colour options for button background, border and text

02:30 Select your email list/segment (your email service provider is already integrated, no additional work necessary)

02:40 Show/hide block from newsletter or blog