Post embed block


By Lesley Sim

updated 10 months ago

Learn how you can use the post embed block to create a weekly roundup newsletter in minutes, not hours.

00:00 Intro (open new post in WordPress block editor) 

00:30 Adding post embed block 

00:40 Search post to add 

00:58 Add more posts 

01:50 Change table width ratio 

01:57 Adding labels to each post 

02:17 Live editing 

02:30 Changing image 

03:12 Re-order posts 

03:20 Changing URLs 

03:49 Refreshing posts 

04:40 Deleting posts 

05:18 Styling posts 

06:10 Send as newsletter 

06:38 Preview email in web browser 

07:06 Preview email

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