To send an email with your email service provider (ESP), like Mailchimp, you'll first need to verify your from email domain. 

This is necessary to prove you are sending out emails from an address you own. 

If you've sent out email campaigns from your ESP (email service provider) before, the email you used for those campaigns will already be verified. Simply use that!

Automatic verification through Newsletter Glue

Newsletter Glue automatically checks with your ESP behind the scenes to see if you've verified your email with them.

If you see the notification below, it means your email is not verified. Click on the Verify email now

link to head to your ESP and verify your email.

If your email has been successfully verified, you'll see the verified tick.

How do I verify my email?

Each ESP has a different process and terminology, so simply follow their instructions:

Additional info

What is my from email and why is it important to verify it?

Your from email is the email address your subscribers see when they receive an email from you. 

Here's an example of what that looks like: 

You wouldn't want people sending emails claiming it's from you. That could do a lot of harm to your reputation. This is why verifying emails is important - so that only you can send emails from your address.

Verifying your email is not DKIM authentication

The terminology can be confusing, hence it's important to make this distinction. 

DKIM authentication is a more complex form of authentication that requires you to modify your DNS records. This is an advanced feature and not required for our plugin.